Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers Book 2020

For our year 6 leavers

My favourite memory of Broadoak is all the sport that I could participate in. Miss Taylor has really helped me through year 6, so thank you. I miss all my friends, especially Skye I really hope to see you all soon!

Aimee B

Year 3 residential was a fantastic time especially around the water building the rafts. The zip wire was so much fun. Miss Thomas was funny telling our group she was a pro! When I was in year one Mr Bradwell cheered me up after I fell off my scooter on the way to school, he asked if my scooter was ok and this made me laugh  It's such a shame we didn’t get to go to the residential this year but I will still leave Broadoak with some amazing memories and great friends. So thank you to all the teachers and staff who have made my time at Broadoak so enjoyable. Thank you all for this unforgettable, amazing journey! 

Ryan O

The day I first entered this school was the day I knew I was going to have great memories!

Onome M

Good luck everyone!

Harvey L

Good luck next year! We will miss you all very much, you've been a fabulous year group to teach. I can't wait to see how well you all do at high school! 

Miss Taylor 

You were my first class I worked with at Broadoak, way back when you were in Reception!! Have a great summer and enjoy your new chapter at Secondary School ... I have fond memories of you all and watching you grow through the years. Good Luck!

Love from Mrs Hughes, rhymes with shoes xx 

To all our year six leavers, 
It has has been lovely to know you all and work with you over the year. I wish you all the very best for a great future ahead. I am sure you will all do very well , keep those lovely smiles and senses of humour which have brightened each day. 

Mrs Fetea 

I have the best memories from my time at Broadoak. I’ve really enjoyed representing the school in sports competitions and trying new sports through the after school clubs. 
I have made some really good friends whom I hope to keep in contact with. 
I can’t believe how quickly my time at Broadoak has gone by. Thank you to all the staff who have encouraged, challenged and supported me over the years. I will miss you all. 

Oliver B 

Well done for all your successes at Broadoak over the years. I hope you have a happy, successful and enjoyable experience at high school. Good luck and goodbye year 6. Reach for the stars and shine brightly.
Miss Wright

To Aimee and Pheobe, I’m going  to miss you both so much, considering you are not going to the same high school as me and Tia who I miss very much. Miss Davies I’m going to miss you as well because you were my year five teacher and you were never too serious so we could always have fun in class but also do school work at the same time. Also Mrs Poulston, I'm going to miss you a bit more than everyone else because you have been amazing and you always looked after me when I needed it. Also Mr Bradwell, thank you for everything you have done I’m going to miss you so much when I leave Broadoak. And last but not least Miss Taylor I'm going to miss you as well because you are my year 6 teacher and you always helped me when I needed it and I know that's your job but I just wanted to say thank you. 

Skye C

It’s sad to leave this school with all the good memories I’ve had here and all my good friends like Harry, Ryan, Aidan, Liam and Harvey that I’ve known for years. Thanks and good luck in your new schools!

Jaydan S

I've had an amazing time at Broadoak and made many memories that will last a life time. I have made some fantastic friends along the way and some best friends, Sophie, Skye and Matilda. I will remember year 6 forever, there's been some good times and some bad but no matter what the teachers have always been there for me, Miss Davis I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me in year 5, Mr Bradwell for always making me laugh even in hard times and of course Miss Taylor for helping us complete our last year at Broadoak even though the world's gone crazy!

Pheobe-Leigh H

Good luck to everyone. I will miss you all as I won't be joining you in a Tameside school, I hope we stay in touch. Thank you to all the teachers, TAs and everyone else who has made school not boring, especially Miss Taylor, Mrs Dowden and Mr B!

James R

I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve been in. Without these wonderful teachers I wouldn’t have got to where I am now. I’ve really enjoyed being a sports ambassador and partaking in all the sports competitions and clubs. I’ve enjoyed both residentials I’ve been on and made some once in a lifetime memories. I’ve made some amazing friends that I can never forget. It’s just sad that we couldn’t enjoy our last year properly. I will use everything I’ve been taught and continue to improve and make the school proud.

Aidan K

Thankyou for making my last year in primary the best, I have made friends that I will have forever and I will miss you all.
Scarlet, L'ren and Ellie you're my faves! 
Thank you Mr Ahmed for helping me even though I don't like maths!

Libby A