Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


From Nursery to Primary School

Children joining our Academy all have the opportunity to build relationships with us and learn about the next stages of their education prior to starting with us in September.

Reception children and parents have a transition parents meeting in the summer term where parents and children spend time in the reception classrooms after a meeting to introduce the routines. It is our hope that the young people joining our home will feel comfortable and excited by their new surroundings in a controlled and personalised visit ahead of their first day of school. This allows for friendships to be developed and any questions or concerns to be answered in good time. 

We also do home or other setting visits for new pupils who were not in our Nursery so that children may meet with their teachers in a more familiar setting.

It is our priority to help with this change, therefore we welcome any feedback and support from parents and carers on making this process easier for their children. 

Going into Secondary School

We work in partnerships with our local secondary schools to ensure that our young people feel confident about their next destination. Making that move into a new environment is challenging enough without knowing you'll be the youngest and newest ones there! 

All secondary schools have transition days where pupils go for one or two days to become familiar with their new surroundings and routines. They will get the chance to explore their new learning environments and meet their whole class, making friends before the start of September.