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Transforming Learning

The Primary Education phase of your child's life is so important in terms of helping children develop and build the foundation of necessary skills for learning and retention. These are the years where we can influence the desire to learn and to create a life long passion for learning. 

Throughout your child’s schooling various teaching methods will be used such as the whole class approach, small group work and individual learning. Each has its place in a balanced and well developed curriculum. Activities undertaken as a whole class including such things as PE, Story Time, Music/Singing and certain elements of the core curriculum areas.

At Oasis Academy Broadoak we offer a curriculum that will develop confident, independent learners and enable every pupil to achieve their personal best. We believe that all of our students are capable of experiencing remarkable success given the right conditions to succeed no matter what their starting point is. To that end we offer our young people a diverse, fun, experiential curriculum, designed to suit all needs and learning types. Whether children are  hands on learners or prefer to listen and absorb, we tailor our classes to help your child get the best from their time with us.

Subjects covered within our curriculum are Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Religious Education, History, Geography, Music, Art, Design and Technology and Physical Education

For further information about the curriculum, or if you have any questions please contact our Principal, Fiona Lomas.



There are two main ways in which we deliver the curriculum, one being the subject approach and the other the cross-curricular approach. The children at OA Broadoak  will experience both approaches as each has something valuable to contribute towards their education.

The subject approach, as it suggests, is the teaching of a particular subject for example, Maths, Science and English. Children will be taught the skills and knowledge of a particular subject and extend their conceptual levels accordingly.

The cross-curricular approach however teaches a number of subjects using a theme or topic as a central core. For example, a topic on Autumn may include some scientific investigations, various types of writing (English), mathematical surveys, collage (art), etc. The cross-curricular approach enables the teacher to provide a vehicle through which children can apply the skills and concepts gained from subject teaching. Furthermore, the children become aware of how to use, develop and extend the many skills they are gaining, they see a purpose and value in having those skills, and the topic usually produces an end result whereas subject teaching tends to be on-going.

To reinforce the understanding that skills and knowledge gained through subject teaching are the “tools” people use to solve problems, make discoveries, communicate with others etc., the children will be made aware of which type of skills they are using when undertaking topic work.

Children are encouraged to transfer and apply skills such as:

  • Making connections – seeing relationships and combining in new ways.
  • Taking risks – having the confidence and freedom to fail and keep trying.
  • Analysing – asking challenging questions.
  • Thinking – taking time for reflection.
  • Interacting – sharing ideas.
  • Exploring – trying out their own ideas.


We call this creativity.