Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Broadoak, we are currently reshaping our curriculum in order to ensure we are equipping our children for the future but within the context of the Smallshaw, Tameside and Greater Manchester communities.  We want the children to leave school with the knowledge, skills and confidence to stand side by side with any other child they encounter in society.

The Oasis 9 Habits, Broadoak Behaviours along with Building Learning Power will develop essential learning behaviours and character traits.

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Subject Summaries

Writing at Broadoak

Oasis Academy Broadoak have a consistent approach and progression through foundation stage to Year 6. Children are given access to high quality texts, within a stimulating writing environment and provided with a good quality of modelled writing.

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We follow The Write Stuff (Jane Considine) approach which brings clarity to the mechanics of the teaching of writing. Teachers have developed and used a consistent language approach to teach sentence types and give explicit instruction and modelling to form sentences correctly.

In order to for our pupils to become effective and successful writers, we aim to teach them to:

  • Understand the power of writing and equip them to use it well.
  • Enjoy writing and to be competent, confident and not to hesitate in putting their ideas on paper.
  • Recognise the need to adapt their writing to suit a range of audiences and purposes.
  • Use the most appropriate form of writing for a given task.
  • Use spelling and grammar accurately and with confidence.
  • A fluent and legible handwriting style in which to write.
  • To support children in planning and drafting their own work.
  • To revise and edit work in progress.
  • To provide differentiated support for particular groups.


Maths at Broadoak

Early Years and Year 1:

In early years and in year 1 maths is taught using a maths mastery approach. The children are taught using a six part lesson focusing heavily on their mathematical vocabulary. Mathematics mastery is an approach to mathematics education which is based on mastery learning in which most children are expected to achieve a high level of competence before progressing. Children are taught using concrete manipulatives and varied pictorial images to embed their mathematical understanding before being given the opportunity to apply their knowledge to deep and meaningful problems.

Since using the mathematics mastery approach our staff say,

“I have seen an incredible difference in the mathematical language and vocabulary the children are using.”

Maths lessons are interactive, fast-paced and fun with the aim to have all pupils fully engaged.

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Year 2-6:

In years 2 to year 6 the children also follow a fast-paced 6 part lesson focusing heavily on mathematical vocabulary. White Rose maths resources are used across the school and used to supplement a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach whereby the children are encouraged to use various models and resources to fully support and embed their understanding before applying to a range of varied fluency questions as well as rich problems and reasoning.

Children are encouraged to be curious, explore and reason using accurate mathematical vocabulary and apply their knowledge confidently to any problem they are faced with.

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Physical Education at Broadoak

At Oasis Academy Broadoak we are passionate about our PE and Sport.  So much so that in 2018 4 of our children received young ambassador awards, our PE lead received the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award and Oasis Academy Broadoak achieved ‘School of the Year’ in Tameside.

We have two PE lessons a week from Y1 - Y6.  Foundation Stage has one timetabled lesson but has daily outdoor continuous provision which encourages children to learn actively and to develop their gross motor skills.

Boxing is taught to a number of children in the school, having a great impact on the confidence of the children at Broadoak, particularly the vulnerable children. High quality coaching has been bought into school and enabled a ‘sports squad’ to confidently attend a range of competitions. Clubs have been reviewed and we have expanded the number and variety of clubs that are on offer.

78% of the children at Broadoak have took part in an after school club in 2018. 84% of KS2 children took part in a club – many of these have led to participation in competitions. To name a few achievements: Lacross team represented Tameside in the Manchester Games winning the plate. The girls football ‘team a’ finished the season winning the Tameside Europa cup. 3 children were selected to represent Tameside in the Manchester cross country games. GOLD kite mark has been achieved for the second year in the row.

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We are lucky to have a vast outdoor area with trim trails, netball and basket ball courts, an all weather pitch and more recently Daily Mile markings where we are encouraging children to try to run (or walk) at least a mile a day.

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