Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Global Partnerships

Oasis responds to the local needs of 51 communities across the globe, which requires an enormous amount of support and resource. 

Global partnering is one of the ways our academies can support the varying needs of country specific programmes. From providing funds and gifts in kind, to arranging visits during the holidays to offer more hands-on help.

All Oasis Academies and Hubs in the UK are paired with our Oasis partners around the world and, where possible, we try to ensure that all Academies in a similar area are partnered with the same country or countries so that they can develop these partnerships together. We call these relationships Oasis Global Partnerships.

Oasis has partners across four continents. Here at Oasis Academy Broadoak we are partnered with Oasis Mozambique.

The purpose of Oasis Global Partnerships is to:

  • Learn from one another
  • Promote global citizenship and build peace and understanding across communities
  • Create relevant global learning opportunities
  • Share our expertise, skills, and resources and build capacity
  • Support one another in practical ways to achieve local goals
  • Improve the long term sustainability of our work around the world
  • Empower people in all of the communities we work with to be included, make a contribution and reach their full God-given potential.

These partnerships can help us to bring relevant global learning experiences into our classrooms and help our staff and students become caring, responsible global citizens. For more information about Oasis, you can visit the website