Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We take pride in each and every one of our pupils at the Academy, and know that they are equally proud to be wearing their Academy badge on their uniforms. 

Embroidered items can be purchased online from our online Tesco shop here.  All other items should be easily obtainable from any school supplier.

Nursery to Year 6


General Uniform

White shirt or White polo shirt 

Royal blue sweatshirt, cardigan, jumper or fleece (with school logo)

Grey school style skirt or trousers  

Blue and White Gingham or Striped Dress or grey school style shorts (summer term option)

White / Grey / Black socks

Grey or black tights 

Sensible dark plain school shoes (no trainers or high heels)

Sports Uniform

Correct clothing and footwear are essential in all PE and Sport lessons for reasons of health and safety. We expect children to have a PE kit in school each day that includes:

  • A simple drawstring bag
  • Black shorts (or tracksuit bottoms for outdoor sessions)
  • Pumps (or trainers for outdoor sessions)
  • A white T-Shirt
  • A tracksuit top or similar (for outdoor sessions)

Jewellery & Personal Belongings

Children should not wear jewellery for school apart from a sensible watch and plain stud earrings. For health and safety reasons, children will be asked to remove earrings and jewellery for every PE session. In the event of children being unable to remove earrings before a PE lesson they will be asked to cover their earrings with either a plaster or medical tape. 

  • Please mark ALL clothing with your child’s name.
  • Children should not wear make up, nail varnish or temporary tattoos for school.
  • Hair: Our policy is that children do not have ‘extreme’ hair cuts for school as these can cause significant distraction and are not permitted when children go to secondary school. Hair colour should be natural and not coloured.