Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

We believe the key to building esteem and aspiration is through acknowledging successes and celebrating achievements 

Star in a jar

Each child who reaches 100% attendance with no lates will have their name put on a star in a jar. A name is then pulled out of the jar each week in class where a small prize can be chosen.

Each term, children with 100% attendance will enter a draw for a chance to win a 'special prize'.

Children with good attendance will be recognised in assembly by standing up and having a round of applause termly. They will also have an activity afternoon as a special treat.

At the end of the year, children with 100% attendance will get an 'off site' reward.

Learning Champions

Each week children are nominated as learning champions for their work, behaviour or choices. They are celebrated within the school and their photo is displayed on our website. Children who are selected for this award the most number of times will be recognised as Broadoak Superstars at the end of the half term and receive a special pizza lunch.

Birthday Table

All children with a birthday during term time are invited to wear their own clothes on their actual birthday (or the closest day to their birthday if it falls on a weekend or holiday) and sit on a special table on the Friday.